How the PwnStarz Dynamic Roster Works & How You Can Be Promoted

In the past month we have had over 1,000 players apply for the PwnStarz clan, and have had approximately 250 players added to one of the two clan wars rosters for different clan wars. While I am grateful to all of you who showed interest in our clan it is obviously a very difficult task to try and sift through the 1,000 players and find the best 100-200 players for our clan wars rosters. It is also nearly impossible to reach out to ~200 players and get an RSVP from you all when clan wars are announced only a few days before they begin. So this article is going to explain the dynamic roster system that will be used for the PwnStarz clan. I know this post is long so if you don’t want to read about the specifics to the roster here are the main things that I need everyone within the clan to understand:

  1. The PwnStarz clan is a pool of 200+ members who should all be in the clan slack chat. If you are not in the clan’s chat channel, but have been a part of the clan’s roster at some point then fill this form out.
  2. The active players for each clan war is dependent upon your availability and your clan performance ranking. If you’re not available for all of a clan war or you don’t RSVP you will be removed from the active clan roster. That does not mean you are kicked from the clan.
  3. In order to be promoted or increase your performance ranking you can prove yourself in the PwnStarz Arena clan or you can play into the PwnStarzDOTcom clan as a solo player on a specific squad.

The first difficulty we have with selecting the clan wars rosters is finding an accurate measurement of skill. Players play different ways. Some people are objective players, some are slayers, some are strong when it comes to strategy and communication where others are just strong with reflexes and mechanical control of their character. Because clan wars are ultimately decided by which clan can win the most games the fastest, I feel that using wins per war is the best performance metric to use for our clan. The issue with using wins per war is that currently the platinum clan wars last for 3-5 days in length, and so the players with the most wins per war aren’t necessarily the players who can also win games the fastest or carry the hardest. That is why moving forward we are going to be treating every clan war as if it was a diamond clan war and organize squads and specific time slots which players need to be available to play.

The second difficulty we ran into last week is the issue with the roster lock system. There was a bug in the roster lock system where a player’s wins were counting towards the leaderboard and recent battle report but the wins were not actually counting towards capturing the node. This happened last war against Reddit Black. We had 100 players who showed wins on the leaderboard but only 70 of those players were actually counting towards the nodes and there was no way for us to determine which 70 players were counting.

Moving forward, BeachHeadStudio has changed the way that the roster lock system works. There is no longer active or inactive players within a clan. I simply choose the size bracket which I want the clan to compete within and then the first X amount of players to get a win during the war will occupy one of the active player slots for that war. Like in this clan war we are competing in the 39 player bracket, so the first 39 players to get wins during the war will occupy an active player slot. The bad thing about this new system is that a player could unintentionally hurt the clan. For example, let’s say that Player A has been on vacation and didn’t RSVP for a clan war and then he plays 2 games the day a clan war starts but then he doesn’t login for another 5 days. He would occupy an active roster position even though he’s not actually active.

To prevent this from happening, only the players who RSVP for a clan war and are available for the specified “play times” during the war will remain on the clan roster, everyone else will be removed from the clan. If you are only able to show up for a portion of the clan war, it’s possible that you will be added to the secondary clan roster to compete. BEING REMOVED FROM THE CLAN ROSTER BEFORE A CLAN WAR BEGINS DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE BEEN KICKED FROM THE CLAN. I have to emphasize this statement because I have received at least two dozen messages from players asking why they were kicked.

This brings me to the third difficulty we have been having within the clan… communication. It has been hard to effectively communicate with 200+ people to notify them of upcoming clan wars, announcements, changes, etc. In order to solve a lot of these issues we have moved to a new clan chat system. The new system allows moderated chat rooms, push notifications to the entire clan using mentions and a lot of customizable chat options. In order to be invited to the clan chat you need to pass a preliminary tryout after which you will receive an invite via email to the clan chat and be added to the active pool of players for wars.

Once a clan war is announced I will immediately notify the entire clan chat that they need to RSVP for the war and specify the hours which you need to be online for the war. Which clan you get invited to depends upon 1. Your availability for the war and 2. Your performance placement for the previous clan war. This way we will always ensure close to 100% participation from players in the war and allow us to measure teams against each other during the clan war.

Moving onto the dynamic roster system and how it works. If you are in the clan chat you are a member of the PwnStarz clan. I hear too many players focusing too much on what clan they are playing for, it doesn’t matter. Both clans are diamond division clans and you unlock new rewards for yourself as long as you are active on either clan that wins. We simply have one clan that plays for the Pacific time zone and one that plays for the Eastern time zone.

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