In-Game Clans Explanation

With the clan wars leaderboard reset and rule changes (mainly that the points are awarded for competitive wars and there is no switching between size buckets) we decided to approach our in-game clans a lot differently this season. We will be fielding 4 different clans in 4 different bucket sizes this season:

  • PWNStarz Elite [PWN] will be in the largest 70-player bucket and consist of both Xbox 360 & Xbox One players. Elite will always play in the Eastern time region. The strategic calls for Elite will be made by Noteful & Pink.
  • PWNStarzDOTcom [PWN*] will be in the 45-player bucket and consist of Xbox 360 players only. [PWN*] will most likely also compete in the Eastern time region. The 45-player bucket will likely have the most difficult competition this season and we are going to take our best Xbox 360 players onto PWN* to give us the best opportunity of success. By fielding only Xbox 360 players we can hopefully prevent session joining. There is a bug on Xbox One which allows recent players to session join you even even when appearing offline. oTradeMark will be making the strategic calls for PWN*.
  • PWNStarz Royalty [PWNR] will be in the 19-player bucket and consist of both Xbox 360 & Xbox One players. Royalty will be led by Woe Its King & Woe Its Queen. Royalty will be playing in the Pacific time region so any players that are only available for the later clan war will most likely play here. The 19-player bucket size will likely be very competitive as well so we are looking to create 4 very strong squads to consistently play for Royalty each war.
  • PWNStarz Grind / International [iPWN] will be in the 10-player bucket and consist of EU players only (or US/CAN players who cannot play during the evenings). Because it is such a small bucket, I’m only looking for 2 squads of top-tier international players for this clan. I will be making the strategic calls for iPWN although I will most likely not be playing for a squad.

I believe we are the best clan in the entire world. We finished #1 last season and I expect each one of our clans to be #1 at the end of this season as well. We have never been stronger as a clan, and I want to make a permanent mark on the clan wars scene to show that we are more than just the remnants of the Wicked Elite. To make a statement that we are undeniably the best clan to ever compete in the clan wars scene.

But clan wars are also only a small portion of what’s in store for the clan. Regardless of what in-game clan you belong to, you’re all members of the clan. I want you to be proud to wear your clan tags but also be a part of something bigger than just a good clan wars clan. We will be giving our players opportunities to compete directly against other clans in scrims and head to head clan battles and possibly represent our clan in a competitive 4v4 setting. We will be giving clan members the opportunity to make a name for themselves by contributing videos or gameplay to our Youtube channels and opportunities to stream on our Twitch/MLG channel.  We want to pursue some sponsors for the clan and start generating a little revenue for the clan so that we can purchase prizes for giveaways and contests. It’s a great time to be a member of the clan, I want to thank you all for supporting our clan and for helping to get it to where it is. I couldn’t have done it without all of you.

Trent aka oTradeMark

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