Welcome to PwnStarz!

Hello everyone & welcome to PwnStarz.com Clan & Community website.

We created PwnStarz when TheWickedElite was disbanded in order to become the #1 Call of Duty pubstomping clan and community.

One thing I need everyone to understand is that we are a brand new clan which was brought together from numerous sources who all have different backgrounds, personalities and interests. I have sent out over 200 invitations to the clan the first week it was established and as such there is going to be a rough transitional period while we are young where everyone is getting to know each other and a lot of roster changes are going to be made as we get to know what each member is capable of and what responsibilities they can handle.

If you would like to help out or join the clan you can apply here. The clan is launching with 3 divisions: Clan Wars, Content & Administrative. Clan wars is a 200 person rotating roster based upon winning performance and availability. The content team creates videos, guides, graphics and streams content related to the games we play. The administrative team is for our stream and site moderators, administrative jobs, squad leaders and more.

Thank you & welcome to PwnStarz,
Trent aka oTradeMark

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