#ThePurge2015 Recruitment Announcement for the PWNStarz Clan

Hello PWNStarz.com clan members and those of you interested in joining our clan,

Every year during the summer months of the “COD cycle” less and less players are actively playing COD and that leads to a decline in member activity. A few clan wars ago I opened up the flood gates for clan recruitment and allowed anyone who was available to play in clan wars the ability to join the PWNStarz clan because we didn’t have enough members who were available or willing to play in clan wars. While this temporary band-aid solution allowed us to field enough players for a couple clan wars, it has reached the point where I don’t know over half of our own clan members and it has trivialized the clan membership of our clan members who put in a lot of hard work and effort to join the clan when we had strict recruitment requirements.

After some discussion with the PWNStarz leaders we have decided that we will be purging our entire in-game rosters of anyone who doesn’t contribute to the clan. There are many ways that a member can contribute to the clan. Playing in clan wars, submitting content, participating in clan events or competitive team events, moderating streams/chat, graphics design, gameplays, etc. As long as a clan member is deemed a contributing member to the clan you will remain in the in-game clan roster. Everyone else who is either not interested in playing the game or not willing to contribute to the clan will be removed from the active roster list. That being said, if you start playing COD again when Black Ops 3 comes out we hope that you will tryout for the PWNStarz.com clan again when that time comes.

Due to this massive roster purge we will soon have some roster spots available, however we are moving back to our strict recruitment standards of the past. Joining the PWNStarz.com clan should be a difficult and rewarding task reserved for the best COD players. In order to join the PWNStarz.com clan, you need to do the following:

  1. Fill out this clan application formAll interested players must fill out this entire application form including your location and email address so we can invite you to the clan chat and assign you to a squad near your region.
  2. Complete a Lone Wolf Operation (LWO). A lone wolf op is a challenge to see how many kills you can get in 2 hours playing FFA or TDM solo. We export the stats of our clan during the operation to record how many kills you get, which means you must be in one of our clans prior to starting a lone wolf op: PWNStarz Elite, PWNStarz Royalty, PWNStarz Rush, PWNStarzLoneWolfClick here to be invited to the tryout clan & schedule an op. (click-to-tweet link, requires a twitter account)
  3. Read and abide to the clan rules. There has been a lot of extremely talented players in this clan that we have had to remove due to their behavior or attitude. Respect the experience of those who play this game, respect other members in the community and most of all respect your fellow clan members and all of the hard work and effort they have put into making this clan what it is today.

You must get at least 450 kills in your op to be considered for the clan. That is 225+ kills per hour which is 8+ games per hour, 28+ kills per game. Some of our best clan members have been able to get over 300 kills per hour. Read this page if you want some tips and information about our lone wolf operations.

Moving forward, our clan is going back to what we do best. Recruiting the best pubstompers in the game and dominating clan wars. In the future we will also be expanding our content division and our competitive teams however we want to get back to our roots first and ensure that we have a roster full of strong committed players moving forward.

Trent aka oTradeMark
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