The Moment @oTradeMark Snapped in Clan Wars

stressed-futuramaAs a father of 3 children under the age of 5 years old, I’ve experienced my fair share of situations where my patience was tried and I would like to think that I’ve become a relatively patient person in life when it comes to stressful situations. However, over the past few days my patience has been tried in a new way, culminating in me kicking half of our clan off the roster and calling several members “retards” within the clan chat.

I won’t justify my behavior in any way, it was childish and I apologize for what I said. It wasn’t even any action in particular which caused me to snap. Ultimately it boils down to me feeling like I adopted 200 new members to my family in the past month. 200 new family members with vastly different backgrounds, ages and life experiences. 200 new family members who argue and bicker with each other over the silliest things. 200 new family members, the majority of which I seem to never be able to get in contact with in a timely manner. 200 new family members, many of whom feel left out or unappreciated within this family.

Ultimately, I just want this “family” to succeed. I want our clan to be the best in everything we do, whether it be clan wars, streaming, videos or gaming guides. But I also want our clan to get along and stop arguing. I want our clan members to feel included and feel like they belong here. And ultimately I want the PwnStarz clan to become an organization that not only helps its members become better players but better people as a whole.

So far I think we’ve done a pretty good job as a new clan when it comes to clan wars, considering that we are holding our own against Reddit Black, who was the #1 Diamond clan wars clan in the world at one point. But I also realize that there are a lot of things which need improvement within the clan. We need better and more efficient methods of communication, so that our members don’t feel left out when it comes to clan news and so that we can communicate with each other more efficiently. We need better leadership and organization, so that we aren’t running around like chickens with our heads cut off during clan wars. And we also need better systems and procedures in place, so people understand how they can join, how they can be promoted and how they can help out within the clan. Most of these things fall on my shoulders, which is a lot of the reason why I’ve been so stressed out this week as this clan war has “exposed” a lot of the weaknesses within our clan.

Moving forward I realize that I might have offended some of the people who are reading this. Whether you were kicked out, left out, yelled at or uninformed… I apologize. I realize that I’m not able to run this clan by myself, and when The Wicked Elite disbanded we lost a lot of the leadership and infrastructure that was in place within the clan. As co-leader of this clan I will do everything I can to help us win this clan war. It has been an extremely close clan war with the lead shifting every single day, but I believe in the ability of our players and hopefully enough of you can show up the next 2 days that we can pull off the upset. But even if we don’t win this war, at least it has been a good learning experience for me and hopefully will allow us to find a solution to some of the problems we experienced this time around.

The clan war ends on Monday and following its conclusion I know that a large amount of our members were kicked from the clan. In the coming weeks we will try to resolve any individual situations for members that feel they were unjustly removed from the clan and implement the necessary leadership and communication methods to help prevent some of these situations in the future.

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