The Clan Wars Struggle is Real…

Being co-leader of the PwnStarz clan for the short span of 2 weeks has put into perspective just how difficult it is to manage a large clan wars clan and has given me renewed respect for any of you out there who led or played a major role in managing a large sized clan (and a new understanding for why WickedShrapnel peaced the fuck out of this place).

The difficulties began with trying to fill our roster for the clan wars qualifier. I’ve always experienced issues with Call of Duty Elite & the different COD Apps so I was expecting problems, but dealing with error after error has created a resentment for this app so deep that I hate even the thought of opening it. Errors inviting members, errors accepting members, errors inactivating members, errors with stats. You name it, if you’ve used the app for any amount of time I’m sure you’ve experienced plenty of issues yourself. (Trust me, I wish I was exaggerating about this)

Yesterday, the issues came to a head when Beachhead studios announced that rosters would lock at 12PM, a whole 24 hours before the clan war begins. One question @BeachHeadStudios, what is the point of having a FAQ if you provide inaccurate information for it?

While I was scrambling to finish our final roster changes, the app just stopped working altogether about 40 minutes before the roster lock. Nothing would load, I couldn’t change anything, it just sat there saying we had 0 members in our clan and that the content was loading. I imagine it was due to a high server load; maybe they started running the script that screenshots your roster a little early.

At around 1PM Pacific I was able to access the app again, however there was no indication that the roster was locked or who was active/inactive for the war. In fact, still at this moment in time, 1 hour before the war begins, I can still edit the active and inactive status of the members. So here I am waiting, I don’t know what size bracket we are going to be placed into for the clan war since it depends entirely on what point they locked the roster and I have no way of telling who is active or inactive for this war.

To all of you who recently applied to the clan or were removed from the clan because you didn’t RSVP, I apologize. There are several members of the clan who will probably play this weekend whose wins won’t count. And there are a lot of players who applied who wanted to play in the war who will not be able to because of the shifted roster lock time and inability for me to accept/send invites.

Hopefully the next war, we are given at least 1 weeks notice before it starts so we have ample time to receive RSVP’s and get the rosters locked. In the meantime, if you are on one of the active rosters for the clan, I suggest you play like you are active. Play as much during the next 72 hours as possible. If you need an invite to the clan’s GroupMe chat, let me know @oTradeMark on Twitter and I will add you when I can.

Trent aka oTradeMark

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