My Thoughts on the Clan Wars Changes for Season 2

Beachhead officially announced the changes for season 2 of clan wars, so I thought I would offer my feedback on the changes.

Objective DD Points – Clans can earn up to 21 Diamond Points through completing these objectives:

Criteria Points
Hold a node at the end of a round 1 per node (capped at 6 points)
First node capture in the Clan War 2
Neutralize a node from someone who is of a higher seed than you (be the Clan that does the most damage)* 2 per node (capped at 8 points)
Have the most active player in a war (the player with the most wins) 5

I like that the node hold bonuses are now capped at 6, although I think the cap could even be lowered to 4 or 5. When you have a competitive clan war, it’s rare to end a round with more than 4 nodes being held, so this still only benefits wars with little competition. That being said, wars now favor being in a competitive war instead of a non-competitive war, so maybe those extra 2-4 points a clan can obtain in an empty clan war will be useful.

I don’t like the “most active player” bonus. I think it is easily manipulated and doesn’t really promote a competitive war.

I mention the neutralize nodes from higher seeds later.

Activity Bonus DD Points – Clan Wars with high activity, as determined by total wins throughout the entire Clan War, gain additional Diamond Points.

% Scale Points
Top 10% 10
11-20% 8
21-30% 6
31-40% 4
41-50% 2

This is good news, a potential 10 extra DD points when you are in an active clan war. Although the biggest divisions won’t even have 10 clan wars so having top 10% is only relevant for smaller brackets. It will probably end up that Jugg only has 3 clan wars (1 for each region) so that means that there will be 1 war where clans get a bonus 10, one war where clans get a bonus 2, and 1 war where clans get 0 bonus

High Stakes Bonus DD Points – Lastly, Clans will be awarded for intentionally targeting Clans of a higher seed, to encourage newer Clans to fight for top place right out of the gate.

Criteria Points
Beat Clans seeded above you* 12 (capped at 24 points)

I really like this bonus, because it gives clans who miss the first 1 or 2 clan wars to come back on a winning streak and participate in the Battle Royale, however I’m afraid that this bonus will lead to some funky results during the Battle Royale. Consider the following imaginary scenario from last season:

If rBLK, Woe, PWN & LE faced off in the Battle Royale (with that seeding order: 1, 2, 3, 4) and rBLK won the war with a 1 seed and LE took 2nd place with a 4th seed. rBLK would win 80 DD points + their bonuses, while LE would win 65 points + their bonuses. However LE has access to a potential 32 bonus points that are not available to rBLK. 24 bonus points for beating the higher seeded PWN/Woe and an additional 8 points for targeting higher seeded nodes during the war.

What do you end up with? LE earns 97 DD points + other bonuses and rBLK earns 80 DD points + other bonuses. Assuming their “other bonuses” are similar LE would actually earn more DD points in a BR than the 1st place winner. I hate any scenario where a 2nd place clan in a BR could potentially earn more points than the winner of the BR and if the gap between LE & rBLK was less than 17 DD points then LE would finish as the #1 clan overall even though they took 2nd in the BR. For these reasons, I recommend that this bonus is removed for the BR.

Final thoughts on the changes:

It appears that this season has done a complete 180 from last season, in that competitive wars are now rewarded and empty wars are penalized (not rewarded). But I think the bigger issue that needs to be addressed is that this system is still fundamentally flawed. This season, clans in competitive regions will be rewarded, while clans in empty regions will be punished. The best “solution” to clan wars that dozens of the clans in our community have pushed for is to try and limit the number of regions and size buckets to as few as possible so that the pool of clans to play against is larger. The bigger the pool of clans in each region/bucket the more that the competitive rule changes above flourish.

My concern this season is that clans will be punished through no fault of their own. Last season, only 10 clans in the 55+ player division even scored above 200 Diamond Division points (while every other bracket had at least 40+ clans which scored 200+ DD points). This season, clans like Woe, rBLK, etc will all move down into a lower division, leaving even less active Juggernaught clans. If that’s the case, what you will end up with is 2 empty Juggernaut regions and the East coast Juggernaught clan war will just turn into the same few active clans playing each other month after month.

While I am glad that Beachhead Studio takes the time to communicate with our community about what we want and I feel like these changes are a step in the right direction, these changes will really only benefit the smallest bracket sizes where there is a large amount of active clans. Large clans like us will be left alone battling against the last remaining large clans in the community or facing no competition at all, being punished for something that is out of our hands.

Here’s to hoping they get rid of the Juggernaught bracket and potentially a region so that everyone has more competition and fun this season.

Trent aka oTradeMark
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