Christmas Clan War & New Communication Protocols

“There ain’t no rest for the wicked…” A new clan war was announced for this Christmas weekend with little time to prepare and a new “roster lock” system which is being implemented. Essentially with the new roster system, there is no lock. We simply pick a size bracket to compete in and the first X number of clan members who get wins during the war count towards being active. Unfortunately, this system has the downside in that a clan member could screw the clan over by being counted as “active” even when they aren’t going to play for the majority of the war.

Because of this new system, we are going to implement the dynamic roster system I envisioned when we created PwnStarz, effective immediately. This means anyone who cannot commit to playing at specified times during a clan war will be removed from the app roster. This does not, I repeat, DOES NOT MEAN that you are permanently kicked out of the PwnStarz clan. It’s just an insurance policy to give our clan the best possible chance of winning the clan war. If we had this dynamic system in place for the last clan war, we would have had a lot more “active” members on the last day and a better chance of winning the war.

The other thing that we are doing effective immediately is moving away from GroupMe. GroupMe is a terrible method for clan communication and I’ve found an app which will server the clan’s purposes 100 times better. Fill this form out if you need to be invited to the clan’s chat group.

Trent aka oTradeMark
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