And then we DOUBLED IT! 120 Hour Clan War starts Wednesday


Well it looks like @BeachHeadStudio got our message loud and clear. After the majority of prestigious clan wars clans asked for shorter clan war periods, they decided to instead add 48 hours to this clan war, making this week’s platinum clan war a grueling 120 hours of non-stop suicide-inducing goodness.  This clan war starts on Wednesday Dec. 17th @ 12PM Pacific and lasts until Monday Dec. 22nd @ 12PM Pacific.

The PwnStarz clan is almost 1 month old and it has been a very busy month to say the least. Aside from the headaches of all the errors and bugs on the COD app it has also been a very busy month trying to get some rosters in place. Over 800 people have applied to the PwnStarz clan, which we are grateful for. But with 200 members and a constant shifting of roster positions each war it is quite difficult to communicate effectively with each member.

Once we get into the diamond division we will be able to establish squads in each region, and we will assign squad leaders to each squad. That way, all clan communication will be passed down to the squad leaders and it is their responsibility to ensure that all members of their squad receive that information and any clan news that we may have. As usual, I will always post clan news on this site, so if you want to be notified of future posts go ahead and enter your email address on the right sidebar to subscribe.

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  1. Is there 2 clans for PWN. Cause i recently got invited to a clan call PWNStarz Arena and its level 18. please respond if there are only 2 or one PWN clan on advanced warfare.

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