A message to all members of Woe and the snake known as Winners

Yesterday was a very exciting and drama-filled day. We won the Battle Royale and our members took to Twitter to celebrate and trash talk Woe. I said that I have a spot on the PWN* clan for the Woe members that deserve better. Since a lot of you have contacted me about joining I thought I should clarify that a bit.

First of all, I think Woe has some great players. I didn’t underestimate anyone in the Battle Royale. I made numerous announcements in our clan chat telling our players that we shouldn’t underestimate Woe or anyone in the Battle Royale. I explained that Woe Elite is not the same Woe Empire of previous COD’s. Since I play on the Xbox 360, I have matched up against numerous Woe squads and it has always been a close game (except that 20-0 yesterday lol). So I knew it would be a difficult Battle Royale.

Next, I don’t have anything against the Woe organization as a whole. Woe tends to be hated on quite a bit, most likely because your members talk trash 24/7, but I never held that against Woe. In fact, I think that drama within a community is actually a good thing. People crave drama. It creates excitement and tension within a community. It peaks peoples interest who aren’t familiar with the situation and generates attention within the community. Just like there needs to be a villain for every super hero to fight, clans like Woe & GUN1 do a great job of filling the “bad guy” shoes. There is a reason that YoYo has Heels of the Week. I quite enjoyed the rivalry we had between Woe. We were constantly barraged with comments about Woe being #1 in the 70 bracket and how we were too scared to move up to face them. I couldn’t go a week without having one of my members get into a scuffle with someone on Woe. But I didn’t mind, because for the most part it was all just banter and trash talk which hyped up the Battle Royale.

But then on April Fool’s day Winners decided to attack one of my clan members, Pink. He accused her of cheating during our war with Reddit Black and then insulted her “skill” based upon her in-game stats. At first I thought he was joking but he quickly showed that he was being quit serious. That was strike one. First of all, he was vastly misinformed about our war with Reddit Black. The members he was accusing of cheating in our clan are by far some of the most dedicated players in the clan. Winners wasn’t there for our war. He didn’t see the commitments that some of our members made. He didn’t see that several clan members and I took off work that week just to be able to keep pace with Reddit. He wasn’t there at 4AM when these clan members had been playing with me for over 20 hours and I was lying on the ground falling asleep while they yelled at me through my headset to press the “A” button, just so I could spawn into the game and squeeze in an extra win while my character sat there afk all game. And the more that I talked to him the more that I realized he was delirious and it didn’t matter what I said to him, he refused to believe that our top members got that many wins without cheating. Thinking back on it, if anyone should be able to recognize the ability to get 300 wins in 5 days it should be Woe considering how much your players grind AW.

Then after he accused us of cheating versus Reddit, he went on to accuse us of cheating against LG. That was strike 2. The war I regret most to this day is our war vs LG. It was an idiotic move by one of our players to play against LG’s players during the war. I wish more than anyone that our player didn’t do it, since it dirtied what I consider the best Diamond Division war we’ve ever been in. However if you think about it logically for 5 seconds, it would literally be the stupidest plan in the world for me to send a member of our clan with his [PWN*] tag into LG’s games and expect not to get caught. The player even tweeted LG members “GG” after his games. It doesn’t make sense that it would be a planned attempt at disrupting LG when a new xbox account takes a few minutes to create.

The third strike came when the little cancerous prick Winners decided to make things personal and started insulting PWN and his family. While I expect some amount of personal attacks to come from random immature trolls within the community the fact that the leader of Woe feels the necessity to insult our families instantly confirmed that I will never respect the vile piece of trash known as Woe_Its_Leader. It isn’t surprising to me that all of you keyboard warriors making personal insults against our members never post pictures or information about your real selves. The anonymity of the internet allows you petty e-thugs to feel safe and secure behind your monitors while you disrespect others.

Well I won’t put up with those kind of insults being directed at our members. I told our clan members that they shouldn’t instigate any drama with Woe before the Battle Royale and that they should speak with their actions during the clan war. That’s exactly what we did and we showed what we are capable of. Afterwards, I did tell our clan members that they could talk trash to Woe and in hindsight that was a little childish of me but I don’t mind. I think our members deserved one day off from being sticklers after being bombarded by trash talk from Woe for the past month. I also offered any Woe member who isn’t a scumbag like Winners a spot in the PWN* clan. That offer still stands. I think a lot of the players in Woe are very talented, and I don’t think Woe will ever be respected or be the true #1 clan in the world as long as you are being led by that delusional scumbag. However you also need to understand that we do things a lot differently in our clan, so make sure that you understand the following before you decide to join:

  1. We expect all of our clan members to thoroughly communicate with our leaders. We understand that all of you have your own lives which will often times take priority over the clan. That is fine, however we do expect you to communicate that with the clan so that we know when we can rely on you and when we can’t. We post all of our clan news in our clan chat channel and we expect all of our clan members to respond to any RSVP’s or requests posted there by our leaders. You won’t be kicked if you miss any clan wars or activities as long as you let us know that you will not be available beforehand.
  2. We expect all of our clan members to be respectful to other players in the clan and the community. While this might sound hypocritical since I’m sure there have been plenty of disrespectful things said to Woe members in the past day, it is something which I expect of my members. Respect is earned not given, and I expect each of our clan members to conduct themselves in a manner which earns respect. Friendly banter and trash talk is one thing, but I don’t want to see personal insults, attacks or harassment being directed towards another clan member or player in the community.
  3. We expect all of our clan members to prove their worth to the clan. The fact of the matter is that not all of you will fit well within our clan. Some of you won’t like the way that I run the clan. Some of you won’t get along with other members in the clan. And some of you might even be pretentious little douchenozzles that we just don’t want here. During the first few weeks of joining the PWN* clan, all members go through a recruit-phase where you will be under close-inspection to ensure that you will be a good fit for our clan. If you break any clan rules or don’t mesh well with the clan during this time, it is possible that we remove you. Make sure that you are leaving Woe because you want to, not just because you hope you’ve found the next best thing.

That being said, if you are tired of being led by that idiot and want to find an organization where you can succeed, I assure you that if you are respectful, honest and hard working we can mold you into a beneficial and contributing member of what I consider the best clan in the world.

Trent aka oTradeMark
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