1st AW Clan War is this Weekend December 5th-8th

The first Advanced Warfare clan war is this weekend, starting on Friday December 5th at 12PM Pacific and going until Monday December 8th at 12PM Pacific.

If you are in the clan, you must fill out this RSVP form before tomorrow.

If you are not in the clan but would like to join and participate in this first war, first fill out a clan application form and then fill out the form above.

Unfortunately, the platinum clan wars are 3 day events which is stupid, because long events don’t really showcase skill as much as they show who can spend the most time playing the game on a weekend. But once we win 2 platinum clan wars we will be promoted to the Diamond division where I believe clan wars will be a shorter duration again.

Also, because of the extremely long duration of the clan war, we will not be splitting up into individual clan wars squads. Anyone who needs a group to play with should join the GroupMe clan chat and post their Gamertag & Console for an invite from a group that is playing. If you are not in the GroupMe clan chat fill out the form above and you will be added by Friday.

Because of this development, players who have the most time available this weekend will be moved to the primary roster and anyone who is not available will be temporarily inactivated or removed. I will post information on how the roster rotation and promotions work once we have decided upon the exact requirements, for now don’t worry if you are removed or added from one of the rosters.

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