Lone Wolf Operations

A Lone Wolf Operation is a challenge to see how many kills you can get in a 2 hour period playing FFA or TDM solo. If you are trying out for the clan, you must get at least 450 kills in your op to be considered for the clan. That is 225+ kills per hour which is 8+ games per hour, 28+ kills per game.

Rules / Tips:

  1. All scorestreaks & weapon variants are allowed. Use whatever helps you get kills the fastest
  2. You must play TDM or FFA (Team Death Match or Free For All). You can try different game modes but a general rule of thumb is to only play TDM if you can average more than 30 kills per game and constantly get your streaks as FFA will usually be a faster / better game mode if you don’t average 30+ kills per TDM game.
  3. You must play solo and appear offline. Occasionally you will get matched against someone in the clan or someone you know, leave that lobby between maps.
  4. You are not penalized for your win/loss ratio but it is taken into consideration. If everyone in your game except a couple of players quit out of the game you should probably just leave and find a new game. Try to maximize your time in game playing against a full enemy team during the 2 hours of your Lone Wolf Op.

In order to participate in a Lone Wolf Operation, you must be in one of our in-game clans so that we can pull your FFA/TDM stats during your op. If you’re not in one of our clans prior to starting the operation, your kills and stats will not be recorded. This means that you must leave your current clan before doing a lone wolf op. Click here to be invited to the tryout clan & schedule a Lone Wolf Operation (This is a click-to-tweet link so you need a Twitter account to complete this process)

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