How to Join the Clan

The clan is a performance-based clan which primarily plays the Call of Duty series and so we are looking to recruit top-tier COD players, content-creators, designers & editors to our clan. Here are the 3 things you need to do to join the clan:

  1. Fill out this clan application formAll interested players must fill out this entire application form including your location and email address so we can invite you to the clan chat and assign you to a squad near your region.
  2. Complete a Lone Wolf Operation (LWO). A lone wolf op is a challenge to see how many kills you can get in 2 hours playing FFA or TDM solo. We export the stats of our clan during the operation to record how many kills you get, which means you must be in one of our clans prior to starting a lone wolf op: PWNStarz Elite, PWNStarz Royalty, PWNStarz Rush, PWNStarzLoneWolfClick here to be invited to the tryout clan & schedule an op. (click-to-tweet link, requires a twitter account)
  3. Read and abide to the clan rules. There has been a lot of extremely talented players in this clan that we have had to remove due to their behavior or attitude. Respect the experience of those who play this game, respect other members in the community and most of all respect your fellow clan members and all of the hard work and effort they have put into making this clan what it is today.

If you pass the requirements to join the clan, you will be invited to the clan as a recruit. You will first be invited to the clan’s Slack chat which is the program we use for all clan communication. Once you have accepted the invite to the clan’s slack chat then you will receive an in-game invitation to one of our clans depending on your console and location. During the first 3-5 weeks you are in the clan, you will be under close inspection to ensure that you will be a good fit for the clan. When you are new to the clan, there is an increased possibility that members of the clan won’t know how you communicate or how you joke around and could take offense to something you say. I recommend that all clan recruits take some time to get to know other members of the clan and make some friends before joking around with anyone. The majority of players who get kicked from the clan during their recruit phase is due to something they say in our slack clan chat. If you break any rules during this recruit phase or we deem that you are not a good fit for our clan, you will be removed.

After you complete your recruit phase you will become a full-fledged member of the clan and gain access to all clan member benefits including the following:

  • The ability to request clan-related graphics from our graphic design team
  • The ability to vote on clan-related decisions and requests
  • The ability to enter clan contests & giveaways
  • The ability to apply & tryout for the content/streaming division

Thank you for your interest in joining the clan, contact our recruitment leaders Noteful & Inverzze if you have any questions.

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