Clan Update

First off, I want to welcome all of the new members to the PWNStarz clan. A lot of you might be unsure of what to do now that you’ve been invited, so let me explain what is happening moving forward.

Now that the first Battle Royale is done, Beachhead Studio will soon reset the entire Diamond Division leaderboard and everyone will start off fresh. Also, they are making a lot of rule changes coming up which are supposed to have been influenced by the suggestions made by the community. Hopefully it will make clan wars more competitive and more exciting moving forward.

If the divisions and brackets remain the same, next season we will have 3 in-game clans. One clan for the EU wars, one for the East wars and one for the West wars. We place clans in different regions to compensate for players who are not available at different times. After the reset, there will be no top tier or bottom tier clan. The only time we separate players into clans according to player rank is when we have a difficult war like a Battle Royale coming up. This season I expect all 3 of our clans to be in the Top 10 spots for the Diamond Division leaderboard.

Also, moving forward I would like to be able to provide more incentives and rewards for being a member of this clan. I want to be able to hold contests and giveaways for cool prizes but in order to that we need to start creating some revenue streams for the clan. That means we need to expand our content division and pursue some potential sponsors for the clan moving forward. We are going to be looking for anyone in the clan that can provide quality HD gameplays, livestream, write guides, design graphics or moderate our streams to help out with the content division. If you would like to apply for the content division, fill this application form out.

We will also start to have more clan activities moving forward. We are going to have schedule clan raids as well as clan nights, where 1-2 times a month we will invite everyone in the clan to play some games with the leaders and allow you all to compete for prizes and other rewards. Clan raids are basically just mini clan challenges to see how fast you can win a set amount of games in AW. You can complete a clan raid with as little as 3 members or up to the whole clan. The more members that participate in a clan raid the more wins that is required but also the bigger bonus you get for completing the raid. You can earn clan XP, gear and points towards the clan raid leaderboard doing raids. Check the #clan-news channel in slack frequently to see when our next clan activity is coming up.

Aside from that, all new clan members will want to participate in a Lone Wolf Operation some time in the next month or so. A lone wolf operation is a challenge to see how many kills you can get in 2 hours playing TDM or FFA by yourself. Technically, you can message Noteful, T Poffy & oTradeMark to schedule an op and as long as we are available at the start and end of your op we can pull your stats. But since there are so many new members, we will also be having schedule ops where you can just start playing at that time. As long as you are in one of these 2 clans (PWNStarzDOTcom, PWNStarz Elite) your stats will be recorded.

So once again, welcome everyone to the clan, the future of PWN has never looked brighter.

Trent aka oTradeMark
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