Manifesto & Clan Rules

This clan was created as a place for hardcore gamers to compete & have fun. As a member of this clan you are a representative of this organization and your actions reflect back on the clan as a whole. Make sure that you read and understand what is expected of you below. Manifesto:

Courtesy is given, Respect is earned. Be courteous to your fellow gamers. Don’t cheat, boost or manipulate a game in any way that ruins someone else’ gaming experience. Don’t insult, harass or threaten another player over the internet. You don’t know them and you probably never will. Earn your respect. If you’re a noob, commit yourself to learn and improve. If you’re a pro, have the humility and foresight to recognize that there will always be someone out there better than you. Playing games should be fun. If you are not having fun playing a game, find a new one. We are all capable of so much more than we think. Brilliance lies within each of us. Follow your passion. Compete. Live. Play. PWN. Clan Rules:

  1. Follow the clan manifesto above. Be courteous, be respectful and have fun.
  2. Frequently check the #clan-news section of the clan’s Slack chat in order to stay updated on important clan information.
  3. Communicate your availability with the clan leaders. It’s fine if you aren’t available to participate in a clan war or clan activity, however you need to communicate that to us. This is especially true if you state that you are available for something and then don’t show up. If you say you will be somewhere then be there. If you have an emergency come up then contact us BEFORE you are supposed to show up. Contact us as soon as you know you will be unavailable so we can replace you immediately.

While clan leaders have the discretion to remove any player from the clan at any moment for any reason, typically we give you 3 chances. If you break a rule once you will be notified and warned. If you break a rule twice, you will be placed on probation and unable to participate in clan activities for a set amount of time. If you break a rule three times, you will be removed from the clan.

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