Battle Royale & Clan Player Rankings

PWN* recently revised our recruitment process and we have dozens of new members who have recently joined the clan so I thought I would make this post to help all the players in the clan understand how they can participate in the upcoming Battle Royale. A Battle Royale is a special clan war which pits the top ranked clans on the Diamond Division leaderboard against each other. Because all of the clans that play in the Battle Royale are very active undefeated clans it’s typically a very difficult war to win.

We have two undefeated Diamond Division clans in-game which compete in different regions (PWNStarz Elite competes in the Eastern Early war and PWNStarzDOTcom competes in the Western Later war) and for normal wars we typically split players up according to their schedule preference and region, but since Battle Royales combine all the clans from all the regions and the Battle Royale is at the same time for everyone, we want to put our best players in the same clan for the Battle Royale.

We determine the “best” players in the clan by assigning ranks to each player based upon 3 scores: 1. A players individual slaying power, 2. A players reliability, 3. A players teamwork ability.

  1. Solo Slaying Score – A player’s slaying score is obtained by completing a Lone Wolf Operation or LWO. A Lone Wolf Op or LWO is simply a timed challenge to see how many kills a player can get while playing solo in FFA or TDM. Lone wolf ops are typically 4 hours however you can opt to play for 2 hours instead and we will double your kills obtained in 2 hours to determine your solo score. If you would like to schedule an LWO, message @noteful @tpoffy & @otrademark and we will give you a starting time when we can record your stats via the COD app. Alternately, you can livestream or upload a 2 or 4-hour recording of an LWO showing your leaderboard kills before and after the operation in order to receive credit for your op.
  2. Reliability Score – A player’s reliability score is determined by how reliable a player has been since they have been a member of the clan. We start by looking at how many clan wars and clan raids a player has participated in since they joined the clan. Next of all we give bonuses or penalties to your reliability score depending separate factors. For example, if you RSVP for a clan war and then you don’t show up and you don’t notify anyone in the clan, you receive a penalty. Or if you have a poor connection and the squad you’re playing in reports that you continually disconnect during clan wars, you receive a penalty. Finally, if you donate your time or skills to the clan such as being a designer, moderator, recruiter, etc you will receive a bonus to your reliability score
  3. Teamwork Score – A player’s teamwork score is based upon how much you contribute to your team’s wins during clan wars and clan raids. First off we look at where your squads ranked compared to the other squads in the clan during each clan war you competed in. Next of all we look at how well your squad does in a clan raid compared to previous squad attempts. Finally, we survey the players on each squad to determine which players contributed the most to each squad. Basically, if you are consistently helping your team win and your squad is placing well compared to the other squads in the clan you will have a high team work score. Then depending on what other players in the clan vote, you will either receive a bonus or penalty to your Team work Score.

As you can see above, the only way that we can assign a rank to you in the clan is if you at the very least participate in a Lone Wolf Operation & Clan War or Clan raid. Typically, the more you participate in wars and raids and prove your worth to your fellow clan members and teammates the more that your scores will increase. Whereas, if you are very unreliable and don’t participate in any clan activities or you consistently hurt your squad your scores will go down.

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